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Q. Will these new windows help me save a lot on my energy bill?
A.  Yes, They will save you on your energy bills, and  prevent hot rooms in the summer and drafty rooms in the winter.  

Your new windows won't develop condensation like your old single pane windows, they will be dry and cool all year long.

You will also notice an increased sound reduction for outside noises due to the added insulation.

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Q. How long will this process take to replace all the windows in my home?
A. On average, there are about 10 to 15 windows in a moderate size home. We can usually replace all windows in your home in a day or two.

Q. We have a brick home. Will you need to remove the bricks around the outside of the opening to replace the window?
A. No, none of your bricks or surrounding exterior will be damaged when removing the old unit.

Q. Will we need any type of sheet rock work, plastering or painting on the inside of the window openings?
A. No, usually we can remove the old window without damaging any of your interior sheet rock return or sills, unless some of the plaster has been damaged by water or condensation. If this occurs we will usually plaster that area and you will be required to do some minimal painting.